Repose Massage Chairs

Repose Corp.was launched in 2004 as a massage chair manufacturer that offered a unique alternative to the cold plastic laced massage chairs on the market. Repose was the first massage chair manufacturer to introduce massage chairs that not only deliver deep tissue massages but also look like household furniture that could be kept in the living room instead of being hidden in the bedroom. See the quality, stylish, and affordable, massage chairs, from Repose.

Repose Massage Chair, Model R650

If what you want is a whole body massage, then this is the chair for you! While most massage chairs can massage from a person's lower back all the way up to their neck but often fail to sufficiently address the lower body, the Repose Massage Chair, Model R650 has roller mechanism that will cycle all the way from the user's neck down to their thighs and even has a roller mechanism in the footrest. Additional features include:
  • Airbag massage for shoulders, arms, buttocks, calf and feet
  • L-shaped 4 roller mechanism (49" stroke) provides complete roller massage from your neck all the way down to your thighs
  • Zero-gravity position

Repose Massage Chair, Model R250

With its very affordable prices, with four programs to choose from, and with a number of manual options the Repose Massage Chair, Model R250 incorporates numerous techniques to help you relax. Features include:
  • Easy to use control panel makes selecting your ideal massage a breeze
  • Advanced 6 rollers massage mechanism providing 5 different back massage techniques
  • Airbag massages for buttocks, hips, calves and feet
  • Foot massage rollers
  • Color coded remote control with LCD screen

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