Health Benefits of Massage

Feel great after that massage? The physical and psychological effects of a great massage are real, and can last long after the massage has concluded. A regiment of regular massages can and does produce long lasting stress relief, management and possible reduction of stress and anxiety, pain relief, reduction of stiffness, increased range-of-motion, and it can help to control blood pressure, boost immunity, and speed the healing process after injuries.

Medical studies over the past couple of decades have verified these beliefs, and the medical community has accepted their findings, relying more and more on massage in healthy-lifestyle and rehabilitation programs. Articles from the Mayo Clinic and studies from research institution such as Touch Research Institute have verified these findings.

As far back as in the mid-1990s, Touch Research Institute studies verified that massage lowered anxiety and in fact had the effect of evoking behavioral and stress hormone changes. Many of their studies further verified the very real relaxing effects of massage, as well as effects of reducing depression, fatigue, and of course, pain.

When used on a regular basis, massage can reduce dependence on medication, enhance the quality of sleep, increase energy levels, and improve concentration. People with serious illnesses and injuries can find relief through massage as well. As described by the ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals) in their massage therapy website, arthritis sufferers can lessen aches, pains and stiffness through massage, asthmatics can achieve increased air flow through massage, burn injury patients can feel reduced itching, pain and anxiety through massage, people suffering from hypertension can see reduced diastolic blood pressure levels, and surgical patients can see reduced adhesions and swelling through massage therapy.

Massage feels good. Where else can you find a way to get healthier that does not involve taking pills, receiving injections, or, heaven forbid, talking to a therapist hour after hour at $150 per?

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